Tracks With The Highest Youtube Views

Tracks With The Highest Youtube Views
Blood Brothers Albums

The Blood Brothers was never a huge visual band but it did produce some visual content that can be found scattered on YouTube. These are the videos that have the biggest amount of views as for today (continually growing, hopefully!)

1. Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wrecks

One of the few official videos to be found online, this clip is very close to a million views and features the band playing live at a party while telling the story of the song´s lyrics. It was not uploaded by them and it´s in very low quality.

The tune shows the big difference between the voices of the singers and also the quiet-chaotic-quiet approach the band had specially further on in their career.

The song belongs to the EP released on 2005 with the same title.

2. Lazer Life

Significantly fewer views for the silver medal, this video has a little over 200 thousand views and is for another official clip. This time is filmed in washed out color and shows the band performing in rooms full of old computer monitors, wires, and cables of all sorts. As the songs go into heavier territory, a strobing light appears and wires take over band members.

The lyrics and the video can be seen as a way of criticizing technology taking over the human world.

The video builds up as the song does it too and then fades to black completely. Maybe the band wanted to show some of their political statements without a happy ending as many of us think, that the world will implode sometime soon and there´s no bright future ahead.

3. Peacocks Skeleton With Crooked Feathers

The bronze medal is for this still-video uploaded with HQ audio and a fading color scheme over the album cover. It features very straightforward lyrics that aim to the church by saying “Which peacock is beast? “Which peacock is priest?” The song is four and a half minutes long and the lyrics in it are way too long to post here, but the main idea is to mistrust all entities and institutions as they are trying to fake it like a camouflage to take on people who think differently or just think for that matter.

The sentence in the chorus that says: “A panicked face makes the peacock proud.”

Is a little more than a political statement, it´s about everything a whole generation had to go through growing up in the USA during the Bush administration which bombed other countries without any firm reasons to do it.

4. Crimes

Of course, we´re giving out a bonus track! This is more of a quiet track (to The Blood Brothers standards, of course) and features a

Microsoft Paint animation made by Amy Stier and Kelly Matson about the lyrics of the song.

The clip has almost 37 thousand views and as a piece of fan-made art is very interesting to see how they interpreted the lyrics meaning and did little portraits of it.

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