Tours And Where To Find Tracks

The Blood Brothers
The Blood Brothers Band

The Blood Brothers were a band known for their never-ending tours which took them for up to several years on the road to promote each of their albums. Their live shows were completely explosive as it can be seen on every live video on YouTube like this 2003 Colorado show in which they don´t stop interacting with the audience, jumping around and playing killer songs at the same time.

Hiatus And Reunion

After the band dismembered on 2007 after ten years of non-stop activity, they reunited for a full tour to play old-time songs as well as brand new classics on 2014. The results of that tour were a massive acclaim since the spot left vacant by them and other bands like At the Drive-In were not filled with any other newer act.

Fans were anxious and expecting they would come out with brand new material, but we will have to wait for that to happen if ever.

This incredible in-depth interview made by our pals at with Jordan Billie explains from the sight of another fan just how important it is for the music itself that bands like The Blood Brothers exist.

The Blood Brothers Band
The Blood Brothers Band
Jordan Billie of The Blood Brothers to Vocals of Head Wound City
Jordan Billie of The Blood Brothers to Vocals of Head Wound City

Where To Find Them

They are no longer active, but the music remains, the music always remains! Their legacy can be enjoyed on other acts but most importantly, they have never stopped making music with other formations like Head Wound City, the super band still active today, Jaguar Love featuring both Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato and Neon Blonde featuring Whitney and drummer Mark Gajadhar.

Morgan Henderson is a little more difficult to track since he´s been up to so much lately, but his work with the Fleet Foxes in 2011 is to me some of his best to this date.

As for the band itself, all albums, highlights, interviews and main tracks both recorded and live can be found on YouTube. Also, Spotify is a great way to find their music and take it everywhere you go with you.

All five albums are uploaded in excellent quality and if you´re a premium member you can download them to your phone, tablet, computer or old-school MP3 player

to listen to these Alternative Wonders all day long wherever you are.