Hits That Are Still Trending

Hits That Are Still Trending

When it comes to modern music, most of us listen to the song for a while and move on.

With new songs coming out every day, it is easy to forget the older ones. It hardly takes much to forget out the older ones, but then again there are some which we simply can’t get over!

Step Sisters – Sis Loves Me

SisLovesMe - Porn with Step Sisters
SisLovesMe – Porn with Step Sisters

You can’t beat the love of your step sisters. Even if she’s pretty much a stranger to you the sexual tensions between two of us will always be there. Planned or not you end up having sex and this is the whole fantasy that Sis Loves Me series present. In over 200 episodes it collected pretty much every single daily life scenario that could lead to unexpected sex between step siblings.

Hits That Are Still Trending

Here Is A List Of Hits That Have Come, And Have Stayed With Us:

  • Despacito: Coupled with the voice of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, this song was an instant favorite. From parties to being played in cars, this song was an instant hit! The song is peppy, energetic and a perfect dance number!
  • In The End: Although it is an old song, with Chester’s sad death this song became one of the most trending songs and stayed there for a while. The song hits all right nerves when it comes to a fusion of Rock and Rap, which only gets better with Linkin Park.
  • Hello: Adele has a massively alluring and powerful voice, which simply touches your soul. Hello, is one such song that has not gone out of style even after its initial release. The song is beautiful in every aspect.
  • Don’t Let Me Down: Don’t Let Me Down is the hit that made Chainsmokers one of the favorites across the globe. This song has impressive beats, and Daya’s voice makes it hard for the listeners to part with the song!
  • Home: MGK, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha this song has captured everyone’s hearts. From beautiful lyrics to impressive beats and amazing melody, this song is here to stay. Trending on the charts and still one of the popular songs, this song will give you the chills!
  • Shape Of You: Can Ed Sheeran ever go wrong with his songs? The Shape of your Body became an instant favorite of the masses. A song from his album Divide, the song has good lyrics and the sweet sound of Ed’s voice!
  • Uptown Funk: A song which came out quite a while back, but this song will set the mood for some serious dancing. Strong and filled with great beats, this song will offer you an uplifted mood and a brilliant dancing time.
  • Rockabye: A song which takes you to a different land and gives you gooseflesh all the while keeping the modern aspects of music in place, this is the song for you! Rockabye has good music, better lyrics, and even better beats!
  • It Ain’t Me: Selena Gomez’s and Kygo’s collaboration is nothing short of beautiful. This song has the soft touch of Selena’s voice and the Kygo’s iconic beats. The perfect song to spend your lazy evenings with, this song has been trending ever since its release.
  • Strip That Down: The song is one of the first few single songs by Liam Payne. With impressive beats and simple lyrics, the song is simple and amazing to hear. The song is here to stay!
  • Malibu: Miley Cyrus’ come back to reality was with her new song Malibu. Soft and plain, a classic Miley song is something that we cannot let go off. The easy music and pretty lyrics, the song is has been one of the trending songs.
  • Castle On The Hill: Not a hit per se, but this song along with the song Galloway Girl have been trending since their initial release. Castle on the Hill offers you a nostalgic feel, which will surely raise the hair on the back of your neck!
  • Bad Liar: Another hit from Selena Gomez which is here to stay! The song is peppy and has modern beats, a bit morbid but great all the same!
  • Sign Of The Times: Harry Styles amazing hit to his singles is a defense entry on this list!
  • Silence: By Marshmello and Khalid is one of the best ones on this list. A beautiful song about hard love, this song has good beats and puts you in a good mood.
  • Green Light: Lorde’s has a distinct voice, much like Lana Del Ray. Here hit Green Light follows her classic stand-out style and has been a favorite since its releases!

With many, many songs released every day, it is hard to keep up with the songs. However, there will always be some songs that we will have on repeat long after their initial release!

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